My Working environment -  The studio where I work and teach.

My Working environment - The studio where I work and teach.

Helen was born in London but grew up in the heart of Wales. She studied Fine Art at Coventry and a master of Printmaking at Chelsea School of Art. After two print residencies she became a master editioner for artist Brenda Hartill. Ten years ago she set up 'Bodenpress' printmaking studio for intaglio and relief techniques. There are courses and print sessions for artists to use the facilities with assistance. 

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Helen Boden

Helen Boden

With my work I hope to maintain an expressive affinity to the built environment and everyday objects that we use. As a starting point or a spark of an idea these forms can take over or subside. Vinyl records and vessels make a regular appearances.

My work as a printmaker is punctuated by stages, which help enrich my decisions to the next procedure. I use combination of techniques when making my work, mixing Intaglio with relief work such as screen-print or linocut.

“Different processes create a variety of mark making and laying on of colour. The creation of a print is about surface and movement of hands across the plate. Ideas develop through the stages of anticipated intervals.”

Helen has exhibited in many places from The Bankside gallery, London, One Church Street Gallery, Great Missenden, The Upstairs Gallery, Berkhamsted.

Her work can be bought online from Artfinder shop

or direct from the artist. helen@bodenpress.co.uk